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Adrienne Catone, M.S.


Adrienne Catone is the current CEO and founder of Faerie's Dance, Inc., an online eco-fashion super store.  Adrienne has an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and spent 20 years as an aerospace analyst and then manager/team builder. 


She transitioned into eco-fashion in order to promote sustainability and environmental awareness.  She co-founded the Women Entrepreneurs of Portland (WE PDX) networking group where she met Dr. Luhrs. 


Adrienne enjoys collaborating with other focused entrepreneurs, particularly those trying to make a positive impact on the world.  Adrienne had been looking for a board position to expand her knowledge while giving back to the community. 


Like Dr. Luhrs, Adrienne appreciates both science-based analytics and holistic approaches to life.  She is delighted to join the board of Moon Cycle Medicine, Inc.

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