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Fri, Oct 04


Rainforest Yoga

Ayurvedic Health Tips for Fall!

"Ayurveda" or "the science of life/longevity" is a medical system that focuses on digestion. Come learn to incorporate the practices into your life for more vibrant health during the Fall season.

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Ayurvedic Health Tips for Fall!
Ayurvedic Health Tips for Fall!

Time & Location

Oct 04, 2019, 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM

Rainforest Yoga, 171 Shattuck Way # 202, Juneau, AK 99801, USA

About The Event

Ayurveda contains ancient concepts honed over years of observatory self-study, and has adapted them alongside modern science, for an integrated system that address a number of ‘dis-eases’.

The digestive system is particularly important in Ayurveda, with a popular correlation that “a person can only be as healthy as their digestive system”, as these organs are responsible for absorbing all the material that will eventually be assimilated into the structure of our bodies, as well as all the material we use for energy and cell signaling.. 

The digestive tract is also responsible for the elimination of waste. When this aspect is not working efficiently, waste or “ama” can build up in the body.

Signs That You May Have an AMA Build-Up

-Heavy feeling in body    -Stiff joints      -Coated tongue upon waking 

-Unpleasant body odor   -Foggy mind     -Feeling dull or sleepy after eating

-Diarrhea -Constipation  -Dis-interested or ‘blah’ mood 

-Lowered immunity: frequent bouts of colds and flus

Ama clogs the channels of circulation in the body, preventing the unrestricted flow of nutrients to the cells and organs. When it clogs the channels that carry waste from the cells and tissues, resulting in a toxic buildup.

If ama coats the digestive tract, proper absorption is impossible. If we chronically eat particular foods or do not have a balanced diet, the microflora in the intestines can also become altered, creating an overgrowth or undergrowth, leading to abnormal hormone and neurotransmitter production. 

Chronically ingesting inflammatory foods, without giving the lining of the gut a chance to heal, can also lead to “leaky gut”. 

Cleansing, or “resetting the digestive tract” is something that helps with specific symptoms, but it is truly a preventive and maintenance health measure that should be performed 1-2 times per year regardless.

As humans we are adapted to do many things, one of the most amazing is our ability to self-heal. However, to do this optimally takes time, energy and effort

In this class we learn a few simple tricks to start digesting more effectively!

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