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Danny Lee: 4th Year Medical Student

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

September 23rd - 27th, 2019


Please join us in welcoming the future Dr. Danny Lee, who will be working with Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD, as part of his clinical medical school training. 


In medical school, Danny has served as president of the Student Psychiatry Society where he addressed wellness within the medical student community by planning events on issues like "Conquering Imposter Syndrome" and "Stress and Burnout in Medical Students". 

He also has experience managing complicated medical conditions at a free clinic in the Dominican Republic and volunteering at a rehabilitation center helping former inmates to secure jobs.


After noting that patients admitted to the hospital with BOTH psychiatric and medical diagnosis often returned due to poor medication compliance or poor social support, he decided to conduct a retrospective research study to evaluate the correlation between depression severity and early hospital readmission.

Danny is currently applying to residency  and hopes to find a Family Medicine program that has a strong behavioral health component so that he can provide quality integrated health care to people from all walks of life.

Please join us in welcoming Danny Lee, 4th year Medical Student!

See Danny's full CV here

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