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Nutritional Therapy

Our nutritional therapist Audra helps clients with a variety of issues including skin health, digestion, adrenal fatigue, whole food diets, sugar elimination, stress management, and more.


 Audra keeps it personal and creates unique programs that encourage learning, interaction, community, and a sense of empowerment regarding choices you can make about your health as an individual. 

Audra genuinely wants each of her clients to be successful and achieve not just their health goals, but all their goals.

As they say, what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.  The way to success is through a series of appointments and check-ins, and we strive to be available to meet your needs and to help you successfully reach your goals.


Change also takes time. 


We offer discounts through our membership to make this highly effective form of care more cost-accessible in an ongoing manner for those looking for accountability and partnership in wellness through addressing their relationship with food. 


Audra is also offers single sessions for those just wanting to see what its all about :-) 


What to expect: 

  • Initial consultation 

    • Discuss goals, priorities and go over what to expect during the program 

    • Review Health History, Lifestyle Questionnaire Symptom Burden Graph & Reports

    • Analysis of Food & Mood Log with customized recommendations 

    • Roadmap of recommendations including food, supplement, and lifestyle support 

  • Follow-up sessions: 1 hour each

    • Revisit and revise goals and priorities

    • Review progress

    • Provide updated recommendations including food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendation​​

    • Highlight progress 

    • Revisit Food & Mood Log and the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire 

    • Review Updated Reports 

    • Revise supplements as needed 

    • Refine dietary lifestyle recommendations 

  • ​Unlimited text and email support for quick Q&A between appointments

Ongoing Month to Month Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Support Available!​

  • Weekly or bi-weekly phone consultations (up to 30 minutes) 

  • Unlimited email access for quick Q&A throughout the month 

  • ALL the support you need with meals, food shopping, supplements, and lifestyle support 

  • Every 3 months we will do a comprehensive follow-up health assessment, food analysis and provide updated custom recommendations based on your body's changing needs. 

*Supplements are available to clients at discounted prices from online wholesale company. 

Schedule a Nutritional Therapy Session

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