All About Eating: 2018 Book #5

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

When I ask people what "healthy" means, food, diet or nutrition are often among the first topics they bring up.

Born a female in the late 80's, in the era of barbie and slim-fast, I have ridden the wave of fad diets and body perception issues that has swept the country.

As a physician, I frequently engage with people who are completed frustrated, fed up, if you will, by not being able to find reliable, consistent information about what constitutes a "healthy" diet.

Amidst an advertising and economic madhouse, with profit-over-health written into most business plans, TRUTH can be hard to come by.

When I read the following passage from my next book recommendation, I thought it summed up my personal/professional quest for knowledge satirically well:

"When people take responsibility for their own health and begin to investigate various dietary philosophies, they often end up very confused. There are hundreds of diets out there, each with its own compelling logic. There are diets based on religion, ethics, medical systems, anthropology, cleansing, the seasons, blood types. You can choose to be a vegetarian, a vegan, even a fruitarian; you can adopt a macrobiotic diet, a live foods diet, a Paleolithic diet; you can minimize fats, or carbohydrates, or proteins; you can base your diet on Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine. Each of these systems has persuasive proponents who have benefited from them--often I find myself believing in whichever one I happen to be reading about! The problem is, most of these systems are mutually contradictory. In fact there is hardly a food which is not proscribed in someone's dietary system. Which authority are we to believe?"

The answers, my friends, in this book, Dr. Kayla's #5 booklist pick for 2018:

The Yoga of Eating: Transcending Diets and Dogma to Nourish the Natural Self

Charles Eisenstein

This book is my favorite to use as a base for diet and nutrition, even though at its core, it is not about either of those things.

What Yale-trained philosopher Charles Eisenstein is presenting here is a peaceful, well-written volume about the actual act of eating. I find this book an absolutely refreshing perspective on our present-age problem of lifestyle based disease.

This year I look forward to continuing to work with [myself] and my patients creating eating and nutrition plans incorporating many different elements:




nutrient deficiencies



& enjoyment.

I am also happy to talk to you about personalized cleansing and fasting.

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