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July 31, 2019


Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life, and for being part of mine.

As the big wheel keeps turning, we find ourselves in:

the Black New Moon of July 31, 2019.

I like to think of the New Moon as the time in the cycle when we can completely disappear, to wherever we want to go, and emerge, as whoever we want to be.

Read that again slowly.

It is the magic moment.

In the pitch black of the theater, the set is changed; when the light shines again, we are transported instantly, if even just by illusion.

Change is rarely accomplished in this manner, but, the flicker that starts it, is.

We then rely on endurance, and the memory of our vision, to manifest.


The New Moon also offers the still, quiet, time needed to have realization of all that is acceptable,


[deep breath]


I'll go first.

Since starting my practice in 2016, I have thoroughly LOVED writing for YOU:

my patients, clients, colleagues, friends, family, circle.

I didn't realize the obscurity (and irregularity) of my writing, though, until author

Erin Donley quoted me in her latest book, and the referenced link looks more

like a robot-generated super-strength password

than an invitation to read.


The genuine writing and high quality offerings coming from our practice will stay exactly the same.

The REGULARITY and EASE of REFERENCING will change as follows:


This New Moon I commit to:


1 - A Regular & Predictable Newsletter

(starting with the one you are reading now)

which serves as up-to-date guide to the practice and yoga classes.

👉🏽🌑Dropping Every New Moon


2 - Yoga Class & Workshop Schedule

Tune in and Flow

Tuesdays 5:30 - 7pm August 13, 20 and 27

@Rainforest Yoga

Kayla combines ancient yogic techniques with modern research to bring yoga flows specific for today’s common ailments. Depart from dis-ease with this gentle class designed for every-body from the complete newbie to the seasoned practitioner.

You do NOT have to be flexible to take this class!

Class begins with a brief introduction to the evening’s topic, and moves through a warm up series, posture sequence, guided relaxation, breath work and ends with a few minutes for questions. $14

Introduction To Ayurveda

'Second Saturday' 3:30-5pm August 10th

@The Yoga Path

Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world. Come meet with Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD (me!) to learn how blending these ancient techniques with modern science can lead you gently from dis-ease. Session will include discussion, personal dosha quiz, guided seasonal yoga flow, and time for questions. $14


3 -First Friday Open House

👉🏽First Friday ~ 4-7pm Alaska Time

Downtown Juneau, @110 Seward St


We invite you to come by for the following:

  • Meet our special guests of the month!

  • This month we have:

  • Adrienne Catone, MS: Former NASA engineer, MCM Board Member and CEO of Faerie's Dance Organic Clothing Co

  • Dr. Kyleen Luhrs, MD: Graduate of University of Washington, 3rd year Klamath Falls Resident

  • Complimentary blood sugar and blood pressure checks.

  • Sample/purchase physician formulated CBD.

  • Hang out with Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD at the clinic!

  • Discover our monthly book club selection (copies for purchase!)

  • Have fun!

  • Each month will be slightly different, so keep coming :-)


4 -Healing Circle and Virtual Book Club

👉🏽🌕Happening Every Full Moon

5:10pm Alaska Time ~

Tune in from anywhere!

NEXT: AUG 15th

Why do we do this?

Evidence shows that meeting in groups for the purpose of healing results in better outcomes than when simply meeting individually with a doctor. At our clinic we practice science based medicine, so it is my pleasure to make a healing space available to all our members, no matter where you are, every single moon cycle. If you would like to participate, RSVP here.


5 -New Moon Meditation with Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah Cavrak, PhD, cognitive scientist, Reiki master and Moon Cycle Medicine board member has been releasing a guided meditation each New Moon.
New Moon in Leo: July 31-August 30, 2019​
This Moon Cycle we will turn toward our attention to the cultivation of joy in our lives. Inspired by the fiery, Sun-ruled, lively astrological sign of Leo we will pay special attention to those things that bring us joy: recreation, play, love, and creativity.
Suggestion Donation is $3-10.
All profits will be donated to The KIND Organization.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me!

I would love to hear what YOU are up to this NEW MOON,

so please share with us in the comments section below! 👇🏽

In Peace, Health And Love,

Dr. Kayla


Now that I've finished the newsletter part of this publication, I'm going to dive a little deeper, get intimate if you will, about my thoughts on the above if that interests you...keep scrolling...

Next up....Dr. Kayla's blog:

The first time I met Adrienne I was squirming nervously in a plush chair, after-hours in the bank lobby, as a group of women business owners filed in. They seemed happy and vibrant and I felt COMPLETELY out of place, having given my 90-day notice as an employed physician in the urgent care just a few weeks prior, I had a DREAM for a different kind of clinic, and a vague roadmap of how to get there.

Like the average doctor will tell you, my YEARS of education contained painfully little on how to run a heart-forward business that serves all people involved. I could not have landed in better hands, though, and over the weeks I became a staple member of Women Enterpreneur's of Portland (WE PDX) and with their support, encouragement and expertise "Whole Life Practice" grew from my exam table nestled in the backyard of a healing center in Portland, to a 501(c)3 Non-Profit bringing excellent quality care, both by providing medical service to the 5 states we are licensed in, and by helping healers/physicians opening independent, ideal practices all across the country.

Adrienne Catone is a co-founder of WE PDX, as well as an original and current board member in Moon Cycle Medicine Inc., and serves as our senior business advisor. She left her 20 year career as an aerospace analyst to found Faerie's Dance, Inc., an online eco-fashion superstore, and if you haven't checked out her profile on our website, you can do so here.

The next part of the story might be where our memories differ.

Personally, I recall Adrienne seeking a reputable nonprofit to join, wanting to give back to her community given her years in successful business.

According to the latest Facebook Live Adrienne did for Faerie's Dance, however, Adrienne may have simply been looking for bra models for Faerie's Dance, and in exchange for that service she would lend her expertise to our budding company.

Perhaps our exchange was that clear from the front. Regardless, of how it really went down, there is an extra special collection of videos featuring yours truly (Dr. Kayla) and Adrienne of us is wearing (only) an organic I'll drop that treasure right here, for anyone who needs a smile and lots of information about organic bra options. (link hint: scroll down)

Regardless, I have so enjoyed working with Adrienne professionally as part of Moon Cycle Medicine and Women Entrepreneur's of Portland over the past few years. She brings a lot to the table for our practice, and although I appreciate these things, this is not why I choose to support her business. Wearing organic underwear (and clothing) is also a self-care choice for me. In an era of breast cancer, I don't need my bras laced with formaldehyde and some other practices that occur when buying from popular fast-fashion stores. Choosing eco-fashion also helps me avoid the mental disturbance I can feel when purchasing items I don't know the origin of, as clean drinking water, ethical treatment of workers and sustainability are all very important to me, and being an informed consumer helps me make sure I'm not accidentally harming the things I care about.

For more information about eco-fashion and ethical fashion (including the difference in those terms) head to Adrienne's latest blog post here.

If you are in Juneau, I hope you can join both Adrienne and I this

Friday August 2nd, from 4-7pm @110 Seward Street!

We will likely attempt a few live stream videos which will land on our Facebook page, so head there and like to catch those.

And finally, in honor of her first trip to Alaska, and in regular Moon Cycle Medicine tradition I asked Adrienne for a book recommendation for us to read together over the next few weeks and I am

SO EXCITED by her pick:

Published in 1992 by New York Times Bestselling Author of

'The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy', Douglas Adams along with zoologist Mark Carwardine, this is slated to be

"an entertaining and arresting odyssey through earth's magnificent wildlife galaxy."

We'll have extra copies this Friday, along with CBD samples, so just another reason to stop by. :-)

Read along with us either way, and share your comments about the book below 👇🏽.

Thanks for reading, hope to connect soon, and check back every New Moon for new content!

Dr. Kayla J Luhrs, MD

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