Do Nut Skip Donut Day

There is an important season [to me] that comes when Winter is tangible,

but we are hallucinating about the color-wave that ebbs on the twilight of Spring.

Basically its the end-winter, pre-spring, gray-season.

I call it: Donut Season

In high school every Friday morning my principal would supply the whole school with donuts. This sweet incentive supplied enough energy to push us through a few assignments to turn in for the week. Shout out to Mr. Charlie Jones, he put the pal in principal. I did enjoy those Friday morning donuts, something about the routine of it. In my hometown of Ketchikan there were 2 high schools located just a few blocks from one another.

While Donut-Day-Mr. Jones had reign over Revilla, in the afternoons I would walk over to Kayhi to attend health class, taught by none other than his wife, Mrs. Jones.

Mrs. Jones was by far my favorite high school teacher. She sparked my interest in medicine, and wrote letters of recommendation that later got me into medical school. She believed in me whole-heartedly and I think even then she saw me as a person.

Surprisingly, only one of them is alive today, and it’s not the one that taught me about medicine and health.

It’s the one who taught me never to skip donut day.

Since graduating from medical school and residency, I have been continued to study the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world: Ayurveda.

The tenets are pretty simple, and one of the basic sayings is:

Enjoy what you eat.

This is my #1 “food rule” or piece of advice for gut health.

Enjoyment, and predicting enjoyment, allows the smooth muscles in the gut wall to relax, which subsequently allows them to contract again propelling the food in the ideal motion down your gut. When we are extremely angry or depressed we don’t feel like eating. Our guts can get ‘all bound up’, which contributes to poor digestion and low appetite, neither of which is life promoting.

Doing some type of “cleanse” has been built into our society (often through religion or ritual) for thousands of years. Many mammals have seasonal rituals where they will travel large distances and drastically change their eating habits. (Remember humans are still mammals). Some of us feel an itch for “spring cleaning”, to remove clutter from out built environment, or to lose weight off our bodies.

I have had such amazing results from doing a personal cleanse for health in the Spring that I now really look forward to doing it, but…..


Which falls right before cleanse season, and therefore is happening right now!!

So please, on me, share some pictures of your favorite donuts and your enjoyment!

It is also not too late to sign up for my Spring Cleanse!

Kick Off Classes are:

Thursday March 12th @ 5:30pm

Monday March 16th @5:30pm

Monday April 20th @5:30pm

In Peace and Health,

Dr. Kayla, MD

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