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Dr. Bieler's Broth [Green Soup]

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This recipe is an absolute must-have for me as the weather turns cooler. It's been a common choice for cleansing for years, given its ability to alkalize the body and support the liver, while providing beneficial nutrients.

This recipe comes from Dr. Harvey G. Bieler, MD an American physician who was born in 1893. Dr. Bieler practiced medicine for more than fifty years, and gained a reputation as a gifted healer who was able to cure or control difficult health conditions. He was a prominent physician to the Hollywood stars, and died in his home in 1975.

Dr. Bieler's convictions about the therapeutics of whole foods was said to have "stirred the hornets nest with pharmaceutical companies".

He wrote in his 1965 book Food is Your Best Medicine:

“My conclusion is that disease can be cured through the proper use of the correct foods. This statement may sound deceptively simple, but I have arrived at it only after intensive study of a highly complex subject: toxemia and endocrine chemistry.
My conclusions are based on experimental and observational results, gathered through years of successfully treating patients. Occasionally I have resorted to the use of drugs in an emergency situation, but those times have been rare. Drugs often cause serious side effects, and sometimes even create new diseases. The dubious benefits they afford the patient are at best temporary. Yet the number of drugs on the market increases geometrically every year as each chemical firm develops its own variation of the compounds. The physician is indeed rare who can be completely aware of the potential danger from the side effects of all of these drugs. Instead, I have sought to prescribe for my patients’ illnesses antidotes which Nature has placed at their disposal.”
-Dr. Bieler, MD

I eat this soup religiously as part of my personal seasonal cleanse practice. This soup is my alternative to a "green smoothie" or salad, simply because of how easy to digest and beneficial it is. During the Fall, Winter and Early Spring, I eat this soup 2-3x per week.

(So does my dog).

At this point, I can get it made in about 10 minutes, and with time it becomes really quick. Try it as written to get a sense of the flavor, then you can start adjusting according to your tastes. If this is a staple food for you, try to dial it in so it tastes great to you.

I will also sometimes cook in some other greens: bok choy, sugar snap peas, radish greens, dandelion greens and spinach go quite well. I often throw in a few pieces of kale, swiss chard, or collard greens, but beware, this might make the texture sort of "grassy".

I add the following supplements RAW, just before blending: avocado, parsley, cilantro, and microgreens or sprouts.

I will be honest, I don't love the taste of parsley, so sometimes, I leave it out. When not cleansing, you can make the soup more exciting by adding herbs for your desired flavor (garlic, pepper, turmeric, cumin, onion). I actually rarely do this, but it can be good. If doing this, heat the oil just to its melting point in your pot, then add the dry spices and garlic or onion and roast them on low heat for a few minutes to release flavor. Then add vegetables, cover with liquid and cook as directed below.

Bieler's Broth / Green Soup

Medicinal Qualities: restoring alkaline reserves (alkalizing), detoxifying, supports liver, highly nutritive

Ayurvedic Qualities: [warm, easy, lightening and building]

Serves: 3 Prep Time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 1 minute


1 part Celery

1 part Green Beans

1 part Zucchini squash

handful Parsley

pinch Mineral Salt

1 tsp Oil (ghee or extra virgin olive)

Fresh water, bone broth, or potassium mineral broth

Stainless steel pot


handful Cilantro

1/2 to 1 Avocado

1 part (other green vegetables that you want to use up)

Tasty Topping Ideas: sprouted pumpkin seeds, sesame seed gomasio, seaweed flakes, hemp hearts


1) Roughly chop the celery, green beans and zucchini squash. For 2-3 servings I use a whole zucchini, 2-3 celery stalks, and a few handfuls of green beans. (Roughly chop other vegetables you might be adding that need to be cooked).

2) Put them in pot and cover with broth or water. Add oil.

3) Bring to a boil. Cook for 1 minute then remove from heat.

4) Transfer vegetables AND cooking liquid to blender. Add avocado, parsley, cilantro. Blend to a very smooth consistency. Be careful blending if your soup is still hot (depending on blender).

5) Pour into bowls and add toppings. Use more mineral salt to taste.


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Please post your pictures, modifications and comments below!!

In Peace and Health,

Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD

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