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Vital Signs - August 30, 2019

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Jaxx on top of Mt Juneau. Photo credit: Dr. Nathan Locke


Last month, I made the commitment to a regular New Moon Newsletter, so:

Welcome to the Second Edition.

By documenting the changes here, I'm getting a more real sense of that change and growth I alluded to in my last newsletter.

Sometimes in our human minds we can resist change, often out of fear, and as a direct consequence, become stuck.

If we desire growth, we must be open to change, because growth is change.

If you are feeling personally stuck, and need some momentum, I'm glad you're here, because we have "an Rx" for that!

You can always book a personal session, or come to one of our events below.




First Friday Open House:

September 6th from 4-7pm

-Sample physician formulated CBD

-Have your blood pressure or blood sugar checked

-Grab a copy of our book club selection

-Sign up for our Fall Ayurvedic cleanse!

-Stop by while visiting other downtown Juneau businesses!

The door to the clinic will be open so come on in anytime between 4pm and 7pm on Friday September 3rd!


Portland waterfront. Credit: Kari Copping

Ayurveda Workshop:

Saturday September 14th, 6-7:30 pm @ The Yoga Path

Preparing for the Fall Cleanse

Join Dr. Kayla as we learn about the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world "Ayurveda", and how to practically apply it to our lives to prevent dis-ease.

As we move into the season of Fall, we will talk about tips to thrive in the changing weather, as well as how to prepare for a personal cleanse.

All are welcome!

Register in advance to reserve your spot. $14


Our first medical student:

Danny Lee!

September 23-27th

Please join us in welcoming doctor-in-training Danny Lee, who will be working with Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD, as part of his medical school clinicals.

Danny is currently a 4th year student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, and is steadily working toward his dream of being an excellent physician providing quality integrated health care to people from all walks of life.

All appointments booked the week of September 23rd will have the added benefit of Danny's presence during the session!

I am honored to be training the next generation of doctors and thank you in advance for participating in this important mission!


BOOK CLUB: Thurs Sep 26th 5:30pm

Don't Tell Me To Calm Down

by: Erin Donley

Are you exhausted from pretending to be happy in a world that doesn't want you to talk about real issues?

Are you fed up with people who insist you should be grateful, positive or civil?

Do you want to speak openly about crucial topics that need to be faced right now?

Don't Tell me to Calm Down is a resource for those who want to feel all their feelings, speak their truth, claim their boundaries and advocate for issues that matter to them. 

Looking forward to discussing this awesome selection with you!

👉🏽Get ready by purchasing your copy of the book here (also available in clinic)

👉🏽Add the date to your calendar: September 26th @5:30pm



This New Moon, wherever you are at in your process, I'm sending you some space for inner reflection, and re-direction if necessary.

Check back here next month for more news and updates.



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