I picked up this beauty at Rainbow Foods earlier this week and it became my perfect mid-morning snack. I particularly love fruits because they come in a perfect serving size (1-2) and are typically zero waste enclosed in their own wrappers.

A note on fruit:

Fruits tend to be quick digesting, so when dealing with "irritable bowel" symptoms, it can be helpful to take them first, or as a snack away from other foods.

My system does best eating 2-3 balanced (greens+fat+protein) meals per day with 0-1 snacks. And [one of my] favorite snacks? Fruit.

If I have an energy lull in the morning, reaching for a pomegranate can be more satisfying than a cup of caffeine, because it packs vitamins and antioxidants, with a small amount of sugar, while lowering blood pressure. It is also toning for the skin. It therefore continues to fuel me, rather than robbing my body of minerals while stimulating my cortisol system and taking energy from later in my day.

If you have trouble balancing your blood sugar:

If eating only a pomegranate as a snack between your larger meals leaves you feeling a bit jittery, hungry, light-headed or with cravings, try pairing it with other easy-to-digest foods like: half an avocado sprinkled with seeds, a bowl of green soup and a slice of local sourdough bread, or a baked sweet potato with ghee and tahini. Pomegranate is considered a low-sugar fruit, and given the health benefits I do recommend it for most people.

Always buy organic, if you can. Eating toxin with your fruit negates some of the antioxidant effect and can be harmful.


Medicinal Qualities: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, high vitamin C, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), antiviral, improves memory

Ayurvedic Qualities: [astringent, sweet, sour, cooling, lightening, drying, toning, easy]

Serves: 2 Prep Time: 5 Minutes


1 Pomegranate


1) Cut pomegranate in quarters and separate seeds from inside pilth.

2) Eat seeds in small to medium bites, chewing each bite 20 times.

3) Sip warm electrolyte water or digestive tea with pomegranate. Take away from milk.


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Proper food combining can be very helpful for dealing with irritable bowel symptoms. Keep checking back for more "bite sized bits" about how to incorporate these techniques for a more comfortable gut!

Please post your pictures, modifications and comments below!!

In Peace and Health,

Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD

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