Quick Kombu Soup

This truly is a 1-pot meal and perfect for me on a busy day of meetings when I get home too late to cook (or would prefer to meditate while the Instapot cooks for me). The vegetables taste so fresh yet are well cooked, and sipping vinegar creates a rich flavor finish in a quick cooking soup.

2 Caveats:

-Soak the beans and rice for at least 4 hours. I used garbanzo beans and wild rice, but you can substitute whatever dry beans and rice you have/want.

-Kombu is the star of the show, and this particular recipe won't work well without it. Kombu makes a delicious broth when cooked together with the rice and beans. If you have kombu in the kitchen, the rest of this soup can be a local harvest mix and match! It comes together quickly and is totally satisfying.

Would pair well with a side of local sourdough!

Quick Kombu Soup

Medicinal Qualities: nourishing, balancing, high fiber

Ayurvedic Qualities: warm, building, moist

Serves: 3-4 Prep Time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes


2/3 cup Garbanzo beans soaked 4 hours (throw out soaking water)

2-3 Tbsp Ghee (can sub avocado or coconut oil)

1 strip Kombu

pinch Salt (pink or other colored)

splash Sipping Vinegar (I used Dragon's Blood by Tundratonics)

1-3 cups Water or broth

2/3 cup Wild rice soaked 4 hours (keep and cook in soaking water)

3-4 cups Organic / Local Vegetables (I used carrot and collared greens from Salt & Soil, tomato from Rebecca Young ARNP's garden, and cabbage.)


1) Rinse beans and add to pressure cooker.

2) Add rice with its soaking water.

3) Add chopped vegetables, ghee and kombu to pot. Cover with water or broth. Put on lid.

4) Cook for 30 minutes on high pressure. Turn off cooker and allow pressure to release naturally. Remove the kombu strip before serving.

5) Serve with a splash of your favorite sipping vinegar and (generously) use mineral salt to taste.

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Please post your pictures, modifications and comments below!!

In Peace and Health,

Dr. Kayla Luhrs, MD