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Summer Support Group

Dear Self Healers,

The past few months have brought a huge disruption in our individual routines and to our healthcare system. I hope through all of it you have been gentle with yourself. These situations require flexibility and continual re-evaluation. One thing about the "human animal" is that we are very adaptable. To do this well though, we must address rigid thinking and patterns. Though life-saving in the long run, the immediate process can be unsettling, and make us feel vulnerable.

However uncomfortable, I try to welcome opportunities in my life to reflect. Redirection then comes from making a shift, or continuing on the path with increased clarity; typically with the thread of my underlying values and unique essence continuing to weave through. I am curious how this process is going for you!

Looking ahead, we have several opportunities to connect and share, as well as some opportunities to build knowledge and skills to support your personal health journey.