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The Shame Game Antidote Rx

My Dear Self Healers-

For the past 7 weeks we have been sharing together in a series of challenges to bring ourselves to a place of bliss -->

[in order to] achieve our visions.

Today we broach the sometimes difficult topic of what to do when we "fall off", "miss the mark" or "don't achieve the goal we set out for.

The quick answer is that both "getting back on track" and "staying on track" are both also important muscles to exercise.

In fact, they are 2 of the 8 limbs of yoga, in Sanskrit, 'dharana' and 'dhyana' respectively.


Whatever it is that took you "off", its going to be significantly easier to simply "fall forward/back" if the following criteria are met:

1) You are well hydrated. (54oz of warm water with minerals between meals daily)

2) You have a paper vision board displayed where you can see it. (Update every 6-18 months. I update constantly! )

3) You have dedicated rest days built into your schedule. Otherwise the universe will build them in for you.

4) You keep your "spiritual umbilical cord" plugged in to what brings you joy and those who truly see you for who you are.


Alternatively what can happen...we keep going "off", we feel "bad", and then SHAME can creep in. Sometimes this happens when things aren't going "our way"

We can get self talk like:

-"It was so simple, how come I couldn't do it?"

-"I can't to anything right!"

-"I don't deserve to live."

-"This will never get better."

-"I'm horrible."

-"I don't have money so I must be bad at what I do."

-"People don't like me."

- ....other renditions possible....

Spoiler alert: None of these statements are ever true.


This month at our potluck (2/29, 4-6pm @110 Seward St, Juneau) we will be diving deeper and sharing more about these topics. We will also be sharing delicious food, so please come.

The recipe this month is GREEN SOUP!

If you have a home cooking visit scheduled this month, we will be making this together. You can see the list of ingredients here.

Self Healing Prompt: Review criteria 1-4 above, and see if these are true right now in your life.

We have had several book suggestions for the next few months (thank you!) so at our February and March potlucks we will be discussing the following 3 books:

Your Money or Your Life

by Vicki Robin


by Jo Marchant

How to Change Your Mind

by Michael Pollan

Please hear me when I say:

"You've got this". -Dr. Kayla, MD

One of my personal physician mentors often says:

"Action is the antidote of despair". -Pamela Wible, MD

Just keep taking small steps forward. It doesn't matter how incredibly small they seem.If you need a suggestion of what to do, please review criteria 1-4 above, or read through any of the other posts in the the resources section of our website. We would also always love to see your face at a personal appointment or group event.


Sending Love and Healing,

Dr. Kayla, MD

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A Mid-February Rendition of Your Vital Signs Newsletter

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