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Vital Signs - Visioning 2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Kayla Luhrs playfully enjoys an arm balance on the banks of a river in Mysore, India.
Dr. Kayla, Yoga Teacher Training November 2015, Mysore, India

Dear Circle,

My personal 20s were devoted to medicine. I started medical school at age 21, and closing the chapter on my first decade in the clinic: I'm ready to up the ante.

We are 20-some days from 2020, and I need your input.

Created in the midst of imminent and necessary healthcare revolution, the purpose of Moon Cycle Medicine is to offer knowledge and support to those seeking unbiased care, to live the life they want.

Healthcare is a big topic right now with lots of noise in the media. We need to be hearing from patients, physicians and nurses.

Life is precious and fleeting. It doesn't wait for the government to get its act together or a deductible to be met. Natural life runs by natural law.

As a scientist, and as your personal physician, I am no longer able to stand by and offer anything less than the best I can.

These 2020 health plans represent a huge dream for me because they are a culmination of my past decade's work, and a true shift in how I'm able to deliver care. I'm SO excited!

But they aren't yet complete. The bones are in place, but I need your help fleshing them out, to optimize them for you. As a clinic designed by patient-members (represented by a board of patient-members, working directly with our doctors), your input means everything.

Even though our 2020 health plan doesn't kick off until January 25th, I want to give you this sneak peak now, and the opportunity to purchase early, in case you want to GIFT yourself or a loved one.


2020 Goals:

-Growing our organization in alignment with our mission and the vision of our members

-Providing space for the healing modalities that are evidence based

What do we know?

Americans are dying of chronic illness, that starts way before the first sign or symptom.

Our biggest killers have this in common: they start in silence.

If you are presenting to your physician with a symptom, its past prevention, and far beyond the best point to combat "dis-ease".

What does this mean from a practical standpoint?

Its time to focus on prevention: comprehensive wellness plans will incorporate practices shown to increase longevity, comfort and energy.

What sets preventive medicine apart is that its a comprehensive system to use before the fact, rather than an 'a la carte' system used after the fact, which is common in today's healthcare culture.

Its about living your best life, every step of the way.

If you currently have a symptom, diagnosis or dis-ease, that doesn't mean this

Instead, I would encourage you to view it this way: every single topic we are putting together as part of our upcoming 1 year program is valuable and can increase your longevity/bliss, whether or not it seems aimed at your specific ailment(s).

The 2020 Plan

EVERY MOON CYCLE we will have an in-person Juneau class and an online class that can be attended from anywhere (and recorded to watch later).

Each session will have a topic/theme, with perspectives from various healing traditions, a review of medical literature, a practical self-care guide, and opportunity to share from personal experience.

The content will be seasonal, ongoing, and cumulative, to allow deeper knowledge and real results.

Its for people who want to live in the know about wellness.

The 2020 Team

Johanna Crossett - Hypnotist, Midwife

Kayla Luhrs - Physician, Ayurvedic Health Consultant, Yoga Teacher

Audra Henderson - Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Esthetician, Reiki Master

Amy Butts - Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner Candidate

EVERY SINGLE MOON CYCLE we will be featuring an individual service from the expertise of the healers listed above.

Sneak Peak


-Access to all virtual and in person classes

-Includes individual services at MCM Inc from all providers

$300 / moon cycle


-Access to all virtual and in person classes

-50% discount on individual services at MCM Inc from all providers

$100 / moon cycle


-Access to all virtual and in person classes

$30 / moon cycle


FULL: $3000 (Save $600)

SAGE: $1000 (Save $200)

SUPPORTER: $300 (Save $60)

Tax-deductible, purchase and start your plan immediately, valid through 2020.

January 25th 2020: CLINIC NEW YEAR KICK OFF PARTY (end of early bird rate!)

*All plans purchased during First Friday come with gift set and can be wrapped, for yourself or others!


Creativity Prompts:

-If you could design your DREAM wellness clinic, what would it be like?

-What topics do you want to learn about? What events do you want to have?

-What is most important to you this year?

Add Your Voice

-Come to First Friday to share your ideas

-Comment on this post

-Email me directly

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your feedback. Most important, thank you for being your own #1 health advocate and being in the crucial role of commitment to self.

If you are in Juneau, I hope to see you at First Friday!

If you are outside of Juneau I hope to hear from you!



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