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Dr. Sarah Cavrak, PhD


Dr. Sarah Cavrak holds a PhD in Cognitive Sciences, is an international yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and the founder of Wild Earth Mamma, through which she offers healing retreats, yoga and meditation. Foundationally fascinated by the human psyche from a young age, Sarah has discovered profound insight into the fundamental “why” questions of Life, by studying the “how” questions of the mind. 

Her areas of research expertise center on implicit memory mechanisms, decision processes, and their intersection with religious belief systems and moral judgments.  Her research has been published in several high impact journals, such as: Memory & Cognition, Applied Cognitive Psychology, and The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. Find her list of publications here.


A student for life, Sarah is in constant evolution, fine-tuning her body, mind, and spirit through the practices of yoga, meditation, writing, and ceremony. The journey of her heart and wild soul have called her to teach and find healing in the rainforests of Costa Rica, the mountains of Guatemala, and the seaside Caribbean village of Puerto Viejo. Her ongoing education and fascination with the diverse ways that Divine Spirit lives among us has led her to begin studying Shamanic practices through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

She is honored to be a recent addition to the board of Moon Cycle Medicine, and hopes to be a conduit for healing through her gifts as a scientist, energy worker, and spiritual mentor.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Cavrak and her offerings, visit her website here

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